Get the Best in Authentic Italian Catering From Angelo's Italian Restaurant

Get the Best in Authentic Italian Catering From Angelo's Italian Restaurant

Call for Italian catering services in Newburgh or Evansville, IN

Angelo's Italian Restaurant has been providing top-notch catering services since 1993. We offer full catering services for a variety of events, including weddings, luncheons, holiday parties and reunions. You’ll work hand in hand with our staff to build a spectacular catering menu for your family or guests. We’ll ensure the food at your event or gathering is unforgettable.

All of our catering options include salad, dinner rolls and disposal flatware. We take pride in creating a catering menu that will please the palate of every guest at your party.

Start creating your catering menu right away with Angelo's Italian Restaurant in Evansville or Newburgh, IN.


Minimum order 20PastaChickenDessert
Per Person$10.00$12.00$4.00
IncludesSalad & RollsSalad & Rolls
We'll Providedisposable waredisposable waredisposable ware

Menu Choices


Spaghetti Marinara, Spaghetti with Meatballs, or Meat Sauce Lasagna, Penne Carbonara, Tortellini ala Pesto, Spinach Ravioli, Fettuccini Alfredo, Egg Plant Parmigiana.


Chicken Parmigiana, Chicken Marsala, Chicken ala Angelo, Chicken ala Crema, Chicken Cacciatore, Chicken Cordon Bleu.


Fried Provolone, Toasted Cheese Ravioli, Calamari Fritti, Stuffed Mushrooms, Crab Cakes.


Tiramisu, Cheese Cake, French Silk Pie, Cannoli.